Change library define on my private source


The RingBuffer library has its SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE definition as below:

I would like to change it to 512 without touching the lib itself.
I have tried adding this definition on build_flags (-D SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE=512) but it won’t take effect.

Is there any way to make this work without touching the RingBuffer library?


You could give -U SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE before -D SERIAL_BUFFER_SIZE=512 a try… it’s a build_flag which cancels previous declarations of a macro, but I don’t know if it will clear the definition provided by the library.

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I tried that but it doesn’t work.

Thanks anyway.

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hi im in same case but dont find solution

i work on software marlin

i try to find solution to make change in configurations files.
in this files u have
1: #define name (#define BABYSTEPPING)
2: #define name number #define BABYSTEP_MULTIPLICATOR_Z 1 )
3: #define name letter ( #(define LCD_LANGUAGE en)

so in platformio.ini i had in build_flags = -DBABYSTEPPING for this it’s ok i work
but for 2 et 3 i doesn’t work
i try with this -DLCD_LANGUAGE=fr or
i have warning the value redefine but not change with the value i want

i work if a made this change in the config files to this
#define LCD_LANGUAGE en

and in bluid_flag add -DLCD_LANGUAGE=fr
but i want make change the value without touch the config files

thanks for your help