Cant specify upload port?

Hi. For some reason, when I’m trying to specify my upload port, theres no option to do so in platformio.ini. I added the line, upload_port=F:\ but it still says upload port not found. It also says upload_prorocol = arduino, so I added the line, upload_protocol = F:, but still the same error. Any Fixes? Can provide screenshots.

What’s the platformio.ini and how did you connect your board to the PC?

I am using it to upload software onto my 3d printer’s board, and the platformio.ini loaded when I opened the folder. I am trying to set the upload port to upload to my sd card.

All upload_protocol values except mbed attempt to upload to a microcontroller, not an SD card. However, mbed is also only available for STM32 based boards. Just copy the built binary to the SD card, PlatformIO tells you at the end of the compilation where that is. Usually .pio\build\<env name>\firmware.bin. Some environments generate special firmwares (encrypted / specially encoded), and you should copy that. Again, look at the last few lines of the compilation output.

Since it’s a cr10, aka, old, it cant read binary thus it builds a hex file instead, which i copied to the sd card with no results.

What firmware is currently on the printer? Which guide are you following to upgrade the firmware of that printer?