Cant rebuild arduino framework after install from git repo

I had used ‘sudo pip install platformio’, but after the problem described below, I uninstalled it, and then installed pio from the zip file in the git repo.
The result was the same.

I made a local copy of the .platformio examples, and did: arduino-blink> pio init --ide eclipse --board esp32dev
This worked, and I was able to import the project into eclipse and build it.

I next did: pumbaa-blink> pio init --ide eclipse --board esp32dev
This succeeded, and was imported to eclipse, but no binary files were shown there.

The platformio.ini file has:

platform = espressif32
framework = pumbaa
board = nano32

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino

So I did ‘pio run’ to build the program binaries in the local directory.

The build of FrameworkPumbaa succeeded, but then the tools went on to build FrameworkArduino, which didn’t:

Linking .pioenvs/esp32dev/firmware.elf
.pioenvs/esp32dev/libFrameworkArduino.a(main.o):(.literal._Z8loopTaskPv+0x0): undefined reference to setup' .pioenvs/esp32dev/libFrameworkArduino.a(main.o):(.literal._Z8loopTaskPv+0x4): undefined reference toloop’
.pioenvs/esp32dev/libFrameworkArduino.a(main.o): In function loopTask(void*)': /home/milton/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/cores/esp32/main.cpp:9: undefined reference tosetup’
/home/milton/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/cores/esp32/main.cpp:11: undefined reference to `loop’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
*** [.pioenvs/esp32dev/firmware.elf] Error 1

My question is: will pumbaa work on the esp32dev board, or only on the nano board? If pumbaa works on esp32dev, I won’t care
too much if arduino works, but you might.

I looked at the micropython folder in pumbaa framework, and saw it does not have an esp32 port folder, so I assume it does not support esp32.
BTW I did a ‘pio run’ in the arduino-blink folder, and it completed successfully.

I just came to the conclusion the ‘problem’ happens because the main.c in pumbaa-blink is empty, by design.

But it would be nice if the tools would warn about selecting an unsupported board.

@eerimoq could you help here? Thanks!


I’ve not added too many boards to the PlatformIO build system for Pumbaa. Selecting Nano32 should work, even if you have another board.