Can't open Projects


I’ve now firs time installed Atom and Platform IO as described on Redirecting...
But after creating a new Project nothing happens. Also opening the created folder nothing happens.
Also tried to open an example after the initialization. Nothing happens.
After restart I see at the Welcome tab under recent projects the new created ones but clicking on them does nothing.
Version info:
IDE 1.2.1 | CLI 2.9.1 windows 8.1 64Bit
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Do you see an opened project in the Tree view?

nope, I don’t see even the tree view. But I can see in the title of the window that a project is opened.

Please toggle Menu: View > Tree View or CMD + \ and press Build button.

Ok I found the option :slight_smile:
And it looks good.
Strange that it was hidden by default.

Have you had Atom installed before?

No. This was the first time ever.

Does it work now?

We will try to reproduce this issue. Thanks.

Yep works fine. Thanks!

I had exactly the same problem. Ensure that you have the tree-view package installed/enabled…