Can't modify library that's linked in platformio.ini

Hello !

I’m trying to use SmartMatrix’s branch: teensylc and since I couldn’t install it using the Library Manager, I’ve linked it in platformio.ini like this:

But, by doing this I’m not able to change any .cpp or .h inside that library.

I need to be able to do that.

Is there any solution ?

Thank you !

You can either manually download the ZIP file for that branch and copy it into your lib/ folder to be able to make local changes to it, or you can fork the repository and push your modified code into your new fork.


I’ve managed to make some changes inside .piolibdeps folder. The respective .cpp and .h files now appear Modified and have a M tag.

Will these changes be permanent ? Or are they constricted only to the current project ?

I’ve ended up doing this. Thank you !

Those changes are restricted to that project, and will probably remain intact unless you do run the ‘library updates’ command.

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I’ve used the following as a solution.

I don’t know what will happen if I update the library that’s inside lib/. I will check for changes then.

Thank you !

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I don’t think PIO will touch it if it’s in your lib/ folder, as that’s really for libraries private to your project… but I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough! :laughing:

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