Can't install teensy@4.16

I get following error as platform manager can’t install required version of teensy:

UnknownPackageError: Could not find the package with ‘teensy @ 4.16’ requirements for your system ‘darwin_x86_64’

This was after I formatted my macbook and freshly installed everything. I use MacOS Monterey 12.7.4 with vs code 1.88.1 and pio core 6.1.14, home 3.4.4

Any help will be highly appreciated.

4.16 is gone in the registry (PlatformIO Registry). Victim of autocleanup of old versions: Missing packages in registry

Thanks for the answer. Any workaround to install the same version?

platform =

in the platformio.ini. Chances are, packages that 4.16.0 is depending on were deleted too, though. So you should check more easily if it just compiles + works with an updated platform like

platform = teensy@4.18.0

or even

platform = teensy@5.0.0

Thanks for quick answer. I have already checked with later versions that my project compilations breaks. I will try your method of url. Thanks.