Can't get ds18b20 working on wemos d1 mini 32 in PlatformIO

I am moving from Arduino and have now trouble to get the ds18b20 working. Have tried different libraries and suggestions on the web but all did not solve my problem. Why is it working when I use Arduino and an failing in PlatformIO. What do I wrong or does someone have already figured it out and could share it with me?

Please share the platformio.ini, your code, the wireup of your setup, and the Arduino IDE settings with which it works.

I am sorry for the issue, I looked at it again and today I found the cause. For the working wemos d1 mini esp32 I had placed all long legs on it and with the one I tested I had only long legs for the once which excist on the wemos d1 mini esp8266 and my breadboard was using the ground which did not exist in the 8266 and then of course the sensor will not work. Thanks for reponding on my request.