Can't get debug to work, constantly lose menu

Hello, I’m brand new to PlatformIO. Working with a STM32F303K8, uses stlink (default), mbed platform, on PIO 1.0.2 in VSCode 1.27.0

I’m trying to get the PIO debugger to work, but I’m having no success - hitting the debug button does… nothing? There’s no error or message, it doesn’t start a session, there’s simply no response. Is this some kind of UI issue? I don’t see anything in particularly I should be doing differently in any of the tutorials or documentation I’ve watched/read.

I also lose the bottom build menu (checkmark/other icons in blue bar) whenever I start a new project, and have to go into the settings and disable/re-enable it to get it back again.

Anyone know what might be going on?


  1. Please update our extension to 1.1.1
  2. See in docs here how to toggle “Debug Console”.
  3. What do you see in “Debug Console”? Please provide here.