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Can't find FreeRTOS.h, but it's in the Includepath

I am working myself threw the IOT course from Microsoft and have a tiny problem.

I am trying to migrate my plant to the cloud, but if I compile the code, copied from the website, I always get the message can’t find FreeRTOS.h.

I am working with an ESP32 microcontroller and edited the platform.ini accordingly. Inside the Includepath I find a directory called freertos and there is the FreeRTOS.h, but why is it not found?

Any help would be much appreciated

Link to the IOT Course:

If you work with a standard ESP32 + Arduino environment, you should have FreeRTOS.h included no problems without adding anything to the includepath manually.

Can you upload the exact project folder you’re having problems with?

I know, that is the strange behavior I did not expect. I have attached a link to the git where you can find the project folder, I hope I shared it correctly, first time I use my git. I only cleared the SSID and Wifi Password.

Well, after a while, I was able to compile the code. There was a problem with calling the ntp time. But now I have another problem.

Inside the function, IoTHubClient_LL_DoWork(_device_ll_handle), I get the response
“Failure in ssl handshake has the server certificate been added?”.
“failure opening connection to endpoint”

I tried different tutorials for the ESP32, but always get stuck at this point.