Cant find avr-gcc

I have the arduino ide on this computer. Doesnt PIO look for avr-gcc in the standard arduino place, wherever they keep it? I just want to create a new project for a mega328 avr, create or add a c file to the project, hit compile, and see a hex in the project dir. Seems like arduino recompiles everything every edit. Does PIO look at dates like make does to recompile?

Platformio will download and install whater toolset it needs to compile etc a project. This is based on the framework and the actual board.

It doesn’t use the Arduino supplied “stuff”.

It only compiles changed files, like make.



That what @NormanDunbar said plus as a I side info, it’s in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\toolchain-atmelavr\bin\avr-gcc.exe (for Windows).

This should only happen with the files which were really changed by their content. PlatformIO uses SCons as its underlying build system and it uses hashes (cryptographic fingerprints) for checking if the content has something. If you do change the platformio.ini, everything will be recompiled though. This information is stored in the .pio\build\<environment>\.sconsign<python version>.dblite file.

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