Cannot work on multiple projects concurrently?

I open two unrelated mcs51 projects. When I click the build checkmark in the status bar then it always builds the first one and there’s nothing I can do to make it build the second one. Both show up in the explorer workspace and I can edit files from both projects concurrently but come hell or high water it will not build anything other than the first project in the list. If I open the projects in reverse order then it builds the one at top again. Is this sheer and utter madness? I want to abandon PlatfomIO for notepad.

Switching between projects is done by using the project environment switcher, as stated in the documentation. There can only be one project selected at a time. I think you can have two VSCode instances with different projects open at the same time.

That does work, thank you but I have to say this is shocking because wow, the Status Bar has become PlatformIO’s main menu. One would think that selecting the project folder in the project browser would have been enough; It seems to me that the VSCode integration is very weak because I can’t even right-click the project folder to select “compile”. I look forward to what will come of the integration with Eclipse over the next little while.