Cannot find lpc1769 in board section

Hi everyone.
Its been a while since i compiled a firmware for marlin now but i cannot find the LPC1769 board anywhere anymore.
Cannot compile the firmware becuase of this.

Do anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed from here?

Thx in advanced :slight_smile:

Marlin uses a custom platform and arduino core to support the LPC1769, which is not part of the standard PlatformIO-provided platforms. There’s discussion at e.g. Need help getting STLINK talking to/programming an SKR1.4T 3D Printer CPU - #26 by mink007 and I have a work-in-progress example at GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-nxp-lpc1769-arduino-test: Simple project for testing Arduino support on the NXP LPC1769 chip using a custom platform..

But if your target is to compile Marlin and not create your own firmware, above is probably not relevant. Can you elaborate on


Yes. This is when selecting the correc env.

Okay. Please post the exact error message, the exact version of Marlin you are using (URL and branch or tag name), the link to the board configuration header file you’re using and the name of the environment you have selected in the platformio.ini.

Hi again.
Ended up installing virt linux and compiled there. The for the assistance though.