Can not use large SPIFFS partition on the Lilygo T-Display-S3

I saw this post:

and tried to use the same setting in platformio.ini:

board_build.partitions = large_spiffs_16MB.csv

With this, I am unable to access files on the spiffs partition. But if I use this (small spiffs of ˜3mb), it works fine.

# Name,   Type, SubType, Offset,  Size, Flags
nvs,      data, nvs,     0x9000,  0x5000,
otadata,  data, ota,     0xe000,  0x2000,
app0,     app,  ota_0,   0x10000, 0x640000,
app1,     app,  ota_1,   0x650000,0x640000,
spiffs,   data, spiffs,  0xc90000,0x360000,
coredump, data, coredump,0xFF0000,0x10000,

I don’t need ota functionality and I’d rather have the largest spiffs partition size possible. But all combinations so far have not worked.
What could be the problem?