Can not upload program with DAPLink?

as the picture, When I use the jlink it’s good, but daplink is failure?

Is there anybody can help me? emmmm

Do you have a link to the CMSIS-DAP device that you bought and connected to your PC?

Also I assume you’re using Linux? What does dmesg -w output when you unplug and re-plug the CMSIS-DAP device?

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I use it under the macos, and I can see it in the device tree.
Thank you,

Can you show a screenshot of the device tree? And again

Do you really have a Nucleo board? If you do, there is no need to use DAP-Link or JLink adapter as the Nucleo board comes with an ST-Link adapter on the board itself.

OK as you see, They all in my computer!
And the jlink newest firmware is release, you can update it in platformIO

Thank you for your help!

Thank you,I use the platformIO in my project develop, do not use the evl kit, So I use the jlink or dap to download the program, with out stlink in my board!

Based on the name of the debugger I assume you have this? Feuer Debugger STM32 Downloader Emulator High Speed DAP Programmierer Unterstützt JTAG SWD|Integrierte Schaltkreise| - AliExpress

Can you confirm?

Now there is a URL printed on it for the software…

but that website seems to be down. Using the wayback machine there is a download link to the software

Extraction code: 5ca8

But it seems the upload has been removed.

Does a new “USB flash drive” appear when you plugin in the debugger device? CMSIS-DAP devices should also do that (mass storage class).

Otherwise the flashing relies und USB an HID drivers. Maybe use brew to install libusb and libhid and retry?

Also you should try and install GitHub - pyocd/pyOCD: Open source Python library for programming and debugging Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers and do a pyocd list to view recognized adapters and targets.

Yeap, I use it, it very cheap in China, I see the steps is very complex, and I use it in the MAC, due to I can use it easily with JLink, So I go on use it 。

Thank you for your help, If you in China, I can give you serval evl kits and debugger as gift, I don’t know how to send it with fedx.

If you come to China, please let me know, You have been help me too many times