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Can not include header file in library from dependency

I have struggled with the PlatformIO dependency finder for a few days now but just can’t get my code to compile, I would greatly appreciate a little help on this!

I have a library mainLib which has a dependency subLib declared in a library.json looking like this

 "dependencies: [
       "name": "subLib",
      "version": ""

When I build my project, the dependency is downloaded from GitHub into the libdeps folder correctly, however, I can not include header files of the subLib from neither my project source code, nor my mainLib code. When I do so, I get “cannot open source file” and “undefined reference” errors.
All my libraries follow the include/src folder structure, and the mainLib is in the lib folder of the main project.

I need to reference source files from subLib from both the mainLib and the main project, do I need to add the subLib to the lib_deps in platformio.ini?
Any idea why the compiler is not picking up the reference from mainLib?

Hard to say what’s going on without the exact library files. Your file structure may be wrong, one of your library.json might be wrong, your lib_ldf_mode, might wrong, …