Can not compile all of a sudden

was compiling marlin for a skr1.3 when i started gettting the error:
Platformio: the term ‘platformio’ is not recognized… .try again.
+At Line: 1 char:1, platformio -e LPC1768.
+Platformio run -e LPC1768
Categoryinfo :object not found (platformio: string) CommandnotfoundException.
I have searched google nothing i found there helped. I searched here on Platformio and Platformio IDE. nothing worked. I have added the path (window 10) no help, have gone thru everywhere i could find any folder with platformio etc and deleted them and deleted VSCODE and reinstalled still does the same thing. what else can i try. not reaaly computer literate on progams as far as troubleshooting, really just a basic user. need help please.

Where did you enter the platformio command? Or did you press “Build” in the VSCode GUI.

pressed build in vscode

Newest PIO extension version 2.1.3 and Marlin?

pio 2.1.3 vsc 1.50.1 marlin latest bugfix 2.ox just downloaded

reinstalled windows 10 deleting old files, reinstalled vscode with platformio ide and marlin build. still get the same results same error msg can not compile.

I’ll try and compile myself.

I had the same issues today.
Downgrade PIO to 2.1.0 and everything started working again.

Etenstions -> scroll to PIO -> Manage (gear) -> choose install another version -> then choose 2.1.0

sorry it took so long to reply. Crashed my hard drive had to buy a new one. got win10 loaded and vscode with platformio ide installed. lt loaded 2.1.3 of course if failed so i followed drdrache advice and rolled it back to 2.1.0 and all is well. thanks for everyones help!

Are you using the Auto Build Marlin plugin on top of PIO, too?

yes i use auto build ontop of pio. thats how it was presented from several youtube 3d printers, are we not supposed to use auto build?

I see. @ivankravets, could you check whether my guess in I need HELP! FOR A CODING NOOB - #4 by maxgerhardt is correct that that broke the Auto Build Marlin plugin? I see a recent surge in unable-to-compile-Marlin questions here which may be related to that.

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Thanks! Answered here I need HELP! FOR A CODING NOOB - #27 by ivankravets