Can I use OTA from a cloud site to upload a pre-made .hex file

Since you asked @ivankravets

I am only a few hours into using platformIO, but have installed it in VScode, have compiled a serial blinky program to an Ardino UNO and both the LED flash and serial print work. (Very awesome, very clean)

I want to get it working on the cloud (I use the equally amazing )

I am testing it out as a Cloud9 replacement (since it is now closed by AWS) and prior to doing a full install, I just want to test out taking a VScode platformio builds working .hex file. Putting it on the cloud platform and trying to upload it remotely. Cannot find a sensible command to do this for a specific .hex file

I have logged in and started the remote agent on my desktop. Copied the compiled and working .hex file to the cloud and now would like to try installing it remotely. Any suggestion of a command to try?

pio remote run -t nobuild -t upload

doesn’t work since it is not a platformIO project.

I can list my local computer

pio remote agent list
PIO Plus ( v2.6.1

I am looking for something like

pio remote run -name DESKTOP-MYCOMPUTER -file firmware.hex

I assume this can’t be done and I have to make a full online project file. Any suggestions?

After a bit of thought, I think all I will need to do is initialize a project

mkdir mytest
cd mytest
pio init -b uno
pio run

cd .pio/build/uno

# and replace the .hex file with my pre-compiiled .hex file then

pio remote run -t nobuild -t upload

Still having a few minor issues with the remote upload. Does not seem to see my remote COM port. But I will work on this for a bit.


a little bit later.

So Loading a pre-compiled hex file seems to be a problem. However, using as a cloud platform for platformIO seems to work fine.

Both these commands worked great.

pio account login
pio remote run -t upload
pio remote device monitor