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Can I specify dependencies in library.json only for specific variants of a platform (esp32)

I have a library that depends on another library for “classic esp32”, but not for the esp32c3.

Is there a way to specify this in my library.json?

To be more specific: for esp32 I depend on the madhephaestus/ESP32Encoder library, because I use it for my rotary encoders. But the esp32-c3 misses the required counter hardware, and moreover the ESP32Encoder library fails to compile if you have selected an esp32-c3 board.

So I would like to somehow specify that that library is a dependency only for “normal” esp32, not esp32c3.

Is that somehow possible? I’ve searched both the documentation and the forums and I haven’t been able to come up with a solution (or workaround, or hack).

Set the LDF mode to chain+ and use conditional #ifdef to include one library or the other (#ifdef __riscv). The LDF should then filter out the unused library from compilation.

Using chain+ works fine for my platform.ini, but I don’t think I can use this in my library.json, right?

So, then I would have to instruct all users of my library to use chain+, and moreover I have no idea what I should do in my library. Not specify the madhephaestus/ESP32Encoder library at all and simply depend on the end-user chain+ to find the dependency?

Yes you can, I linked you to it in

Also see general overview page.

You add both dependencies in the library.json, the LDF setting and your code will filter the unneeded one out at the next stage.

Doesn’t work, at least not the way I use it. Which is sort-of indirect: my library config header has things like

#ifdef ESP32

And then one of the source files in my library has

#include <Dependency.h>

I have tried all sort of options for the LDF but it will simply not find the dependency on Dependency.h.

I also cannot find a --verbose or --debug option to the LDF, is there one?

Or, if everything else fails, how do I find the source code to the LDF? I’ve done various greps through the source tree, but I seem to looking for the wrong thing…