Can anybody have experience of using mcp39F511A with esp32

Hello Community

I am trying to interface the mcp39F511A energy meter ic with esp32 and to get the reading like the voltage, current, energy. I am using this library which is provided by MatteoDestro for mcp39F511 for Arduino. I got the multiply error in the platformio terminal.

so my question is how to run the code of mcp39F511 on the esp32 development board. what changes are required to run this code in the esp32 platform?

Thank you in advance.

Well that library doesn’t compile for the ESP32 because the library uses tons of AVR specific things like interrupt declarations (ISR(PCINT0_vect) and AVR registers… Can’t use that one for the ESP32.

Just try using

Thank you for the reply and libraries but I working uart with mcp39f511a, can give me any working example.
I try to get write the example on my own but it gives an acknowledgement byte.
can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?