Buttons on toolbar gone - only single one is shown

Hello, just have quick problem I noticed it on two machines.

Basically toolbar is now unusable as its showing only last entry. I have made it into Upload & Monitor as I use it most often but clicking that require extra step if its already running asking to restart or terminate the task.

I am sure it wasn’t like this before and it’s not the best.

Can anything be done about it?

Thanks in advance.

This just happened to me on two separate computers. Seems that an automatic VSC update (May 2023 (version 1.79) caused it. Use PlatformIO key shortcuts for now:
Compile —> Ctrl - Alt - C
Upload —> Ctrl - Alt - U

Please discuss in PlatformIO taskbar suddenly not showing

Resolved in

Thank you!

What about reconfirming about restarting task. Is it possible to disable this?

I can’t reproduce this issue. Which action/task do you perform?