Build error after the 'big update'

Hi all,

Before the ‘big update’ everything was fine, after the ‘big update’ this error (attached image) is happening.

The library ‘TimedAction’ is inside the lib folder.

Atom : 1.7.3
Electron: 0.36.8
Chrome : 47.0.2526.110
Node : 5.1.1

Thanks in advance.

This is a bug.

  1. Temporary rename timed_act.ino to timed_act.cpp and paste after all #include this void blink();.
  2. Post this bug to Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

Great ! Worked for me.
Thank you very much.

Please open an issue with example here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

I’ll fix it. Thanks.

Ok, it is there.

Thank you Ivan.