Build/Compile button has disappeared

Hi, I’m pretty new to VS Code & Platform IO, but I’m trying to compile some 3D printer firmware but the compile/build checkmark in the bottom left corner has disappeared and I cannot figure out how to get it back. Thanks

Try opening the Marlin folder which has the actual platformio.ini, not the upper Firmware folder.

It doesn’t matter which folder or file I try to open, I feel like it’s a setting in the actual VS Code software not the Marlin software.

Same problem here. Doesn’t matter which folder is open, no build / compile buttons appear.

Does this also happen when you set up a new, fresh project?

Hi sivar2311,
Thanks so much for replying. Somehow I got past that problem, only to discover that platformIO has no board definition for the arduino giga. My current and next projects both use that board (no choice on that) so unfortunately I had to go back to the arduino IDE. I’m out of time on changing IDE’s, but hopefully I can come back around to platformIO at some point - it looks so much better.

Have you seen this Arduino GIGA R1 WIFI Board Configuration ?

Hi Sivar2311,
I did see that, but the readme file adds a few variables. I’ve not been down that road before, not sure how much of a distraction from the mission that will trigger. Have you used it successfully?

I don’t have a Giga board. I just googled for your problem and found the discussion / github issue.