Bootloop for ttgo_lora32_v21 boards with espressif32@4.3.0+

Hello i have observed a boardspecific error for the ttgo_lora32_v21 (T3_V1.6) board.
With two different projects the boards always reboot when espressif framework version 4.3 or newer is used.

Already made tests and build compile and boot logs are already public here:

Does anyone have a suggestion to further investigate this issue?


When you run your sketch in the Arduino IDE with Arduino-ESP32 version 2.0.2 installed in the board manager, does the sketch bootloop too?

I have flashed “some” sketch, as long as i don’t know how to port the other projects, on the board successfull without bootloop.
As far as i can determine Arduino-ESP32 is installed (Update for 2.0.3 available).