Blocked IP maybe?

I have been unable to access the PIO site from my work computer or any computer on our network. I have talked to our network team and the network manager to find out if we were being fire-walled on our side. He has confirmed that we are not fire-walled on our side concerning the PIO site. He sent an email to the contact us address with questions about the possibility of PIO blocking our IP’s on the 17th but no one has responded. I sent them an email again today. I figured i would make a post in here to see if anyone else had a similar issue before and how they resolved it.

Its not PC specific as i am on a att hotspot right now typing this with no issues.

Is there anyone at PIO that can look to see if our IP’s are blacklisted for some sort of reason. They can PM me for the IP’s in question.


We don’t block any IP. Do you have access to PlatformIO.Org now?