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BLEPeripheral - Library update not consistent

I’m just working on a project that is based on the arduino-nordicnrf5 framework, and I am trying to download a library BLEPeripheral. I have it in my platformio.ini as:

lib_deps =
  sandeepmistry/arduino-BLEPeripheral @ ^0.4.0

However, there are incosistencies with what is downloaded and what is in the actual repository. For example, I am looking at the subfolder “examples\serial” and the files BLESerial.h. The line 10 in the actual repo is:

BLESerial(unsigned char req = BLE_DEFAULT_REQ, unsigned char rdy = BLE_DEFAULT_RDY, unsigned char rst = BLE_DEFAULT_RST);

While the downloaded source file the same line is:

BLESerial(unsigned char req, unsigned char rdy, unsigned char rst);

there are some other inconsistencies in variable names in serial.ino, at the line 24.

How can that be?

PlatformIO has 0.4.0 as the released 0.4.0 version ( This is from March 2017 and matches what you quote.

You’re looking at the master branch of the repo, which is dated January 2018. This version is not packaged as a stable release yet. In fact, the project seems very abandoned, so I don’t think there’ll ever be another stable release.



lib_deps =

if you want PlatformIO to use the latest git version.

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oh no, you seem right!
I have missed that…
oh, well.
But, since I have you on the line, maybe you could point me to another popular version of BLEPeripheral lib?

If your board is compatible with you can e.g. use or

Hey, thanks for the advice! it is kind of compatible, but I’m not sure if I want to use Adafruit. They are all Adafruit-ecosystem oriented, and I dont know if that’s easy to integrate into my project.