BLE with DeepSleep on ESP32

Hey there,
i got into a bit of trouble while trying to setup the DeepSleep mode on my ESP32 when using BLE.
DeepSleep was implemented pretty fast and it works properly the first time it boots, but when it boots the second time i get the following error:
[E][BLEService.cpp:195] addCharacteristic(): << Attempt to add a characteristic but we already have one with this UUID

Obviously, i´m not allowed to add two characteristic´s with the same UUID, but since i have to set up the ble server and the characteristic in the setup method, it will be called everytime deepsleep ends.
is there a simple way to work around this ?

Maybe you should separate the boot setup from the BLE setup. Or you can just track if the BLE has been setup and ignore it after the first boot.