BLE Nano as central

Hi there !

I was using PlatformIO to build a Peripheral with the RedBear BLE nano V1.5 and it worked perfectly. Now, i would like to make it a central instead of a peripheral. But i can’t find any library working for it !

I tried the simpliest thing by copy/paste this example program : nRF5x/BLE_CentralTest.ino at master · redbear/nRF5x · GitHub
And it keeps giving me the same error:

src\main.cpp:2:10: fatal error: BLE_API.h: No such file or directory

It should be a base lib, but well, let’s admit it isn’t there. I tried the exact same configuration on Arduino IDE, and it is compiling, but seems not to work on my nano. I also tried to put these files as a custom library (in the “lib” folder) : nRF5x/nRF51822/arduino/arduino-1.6.x/hardware/RBL/RBL_nRF51822/cores/RBL_nRF51822 at master · redbear/nRF5x · GitHub
It does contain the file “BLE_API.h”, but it isn’t linked, i still got the errors.

I’m running out of solutions, could you please help me ?

I’m using platformio on vscode, Win10. The configuration (platformio.ini) is the following :

platform = nordicnrf51
board = redBearLab
framework = arduino
build_flags = -DNRF51_S130

I tried both boards “redBearLab” and “redBearLabBLENano”, but i always got the same results …

Hoping you’ll be able to help me,