Big problem- All my BME 680 sensors quit on me

I’ve been using these sensors a long time. I don’t like the BME 180 or 280. I like it.

I have six. One is working in an ESP-Now sensor pod, along with MQ-6, CJMCU-6814 (3 analog sensors) and SGP30 (I2C).

The other five quit working. None of them start ( bme.begin(): ).

I’m still using all the same libraries. These programs all worked with the BME 680.
I can’t figure it out. Do I have to buy a bunch of new sensors? Will those work? Is there some secret thing they don’t tell non-programmers?

And what does the Arduino Playground - I2cScanner sketch say? What pins do you connect it to? What board = .. do yo use?