Best way to handle lib configuration?


My application uses FreeRTOS, which I link against by adding the FreeRTOS_SAMD21 string to lib_deps. Brilliant so far :slight_smile:
now I would Like to make some change to FreeRTOSConfig.h which lives outside our code tree, somewhere under .platformio/lib/etc / etc/

What is the recommended way to control changes to the FreeRTOS configuration?



Do you mean to include it via build_flags?

thanks for your question. More I was meaning as I have it as a lib_dep at the moment, the source code will live under .pio not in my “main source tree”. I could move the whole thing to be a “private library” into the lib directory, (and remove it from lib_deps in platformio.ini) but I wondered if there was a recommended alternative to that?