Beginner: So many I/O Errors from PlatformIO

Hello All,

I’m starting with PlatformIO and VS Code IDE, but I get so many I/O errors. Maybe there is something with my configuration. At the moment the whole platform is not usable for me.

Here some examples:

  • I can’t install new platforms - error 5
  • I can’t install new libraries with platformio.ini, error 5
  • I can’t build, often errors about already existing .a files
  • Clean also show “Please manually remove file …”, after some tries it is okay
  • Most of the time I’m not able to create a new project via IDE

I tried the VS Code IDE and the command line.


PlatformIO 3.5.3
Windows 10 x64 Home de - latest
Kaspersky Antivirus - 18 (latest)

Can you post your project?

Do existing projects work? I.e., blink?

So, today I found the issue on my computer. I’ve installed a sync software Synology Cloud Station Drive . This causes all the access issues. Now it works like charm.