BBC microbit v2 devicetree in Zephyr v2.50 - Internal I2C missing compatible

If you’re trying to use the internal i2c on the BBC microbit v2 with Zephyr v2.50 you will run into issues, as I noticed when trying to use the gyro/accelerometer & magnetometer that is on the internal I2C bus.

You’ll need to add the compatible for i2c0

compatible = "nordic,nrf-twim";

in the bbc_microbit_v2 devicetree.


as shown below.

&i2c0 {
	compatible = "nordic,nrf-twim";
	status = "okay";
	clock-frequency = <I2C_BITRATE_FAST>;
	sda-pin = <16>;
	scl-pin = <8>;

I’ll follow up with the Zephyr dev regarding the bug. Hopefully a fix will be included in the next Zephyr release.

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