Basic debugging on an avr4809

I recently received this as part of a gihub discussion:

and just reading the github readme, it looks like some basic debugging is possible - e.g. viewing memory variables and the 4809 chip is listed in the supported devices.

Could anyone give me some pointers as to how to set this up in pio.ini and how to go about using it?


As a prerequisite, do you have one of the supported debuggers? Applicability for Arduino Nano Every board · Issue #8 · stemnic/pyAVRdbg · GitHub

Thanks for help Max. My knowledge in this area is very limited. I had seen this snap device:
which is a reasonable cost, but I don’t know if it’s usable outside of MPLAB/ atmel studio. I read somewhere that it behaves like an atmel ice.

I’ve also seen an idea to break off the debugger on one of the dev boards and use that.
I’m happy to take advice on something that may provide some debug functionality. I appreciate it may be limited/ in development.

Also If I purchased something, I appreciate it’s at my own risk and I may / may not be able to get it to work. The snap device is £18, so not the end of the world if I couldn’t get it to go - but if there’s something else more likely to work, I’ll try that.