AVR register completion

Hey guys!

Thanks for this great Atom package, really excited to start using it. I have one question: Is it possible to get IDE completion/suggestion (or dare I say, IntelliSense :)) for the registers in, say an atmega8? For instance, if I start typing UD, I’d like it to bring up a suggestion as to what I might be referring to (in this case UDR0). You know, we don’t always commit these things to memory, or have a datasheet at hand…

Does this feature/ability already exist?


The feature does exist, even in the existing projects.

Unfortunately it has to do with the way the avr library headers are structured.
The avr.h header what you include decides what processor header has to be included.
This “nesting” of headers does not allow the linter to be as effective.

There is a work around.
The autocomplete plugins creates a “.clang_complete” file in the root directory of the project which is hidden.
You can manually add the locations of the processor headers in the format " -I (/path/to/dir)".
Once directory per line and th autocomplete should be able to fill in the blanks for you.

Hope this helps.