Avoid GPL license with STM32

I am a Newbie on PlatformIO, so be nice with me… :innocent:

I would like to use STM32 with PlatformIO (on VS Core), but the goal is to avoid the Arduino librairies that are under the GPL license : this would push to publish the source code, and that is unacceptable for the company I work for.

When I create a New Project on PlatformIO, selecting “Bluepill F103C8” as board, I am asked to chose between 6 different Frameworks:
-Zephyr RTOS

I have been told that STM32Cube provides libraries without the GPL constraints ? is it true , and will it provide alternatives to the 3 arduino librairies that I have to replace with non GPL license libs:

Thank you for your reply,

It’s LGPL, not GPL. Linking exception.

(I am not a lawyer. This is no legal advice.)

So basically you say that if I use an STM32 µC on PlatformIO, the librairies that will be used (or linked) by PlatformIO will be under the LGPL license ?

I ask for a confirmation because I do not clearly understand what you mean by “Lining exception” ?

Thank you

I really don’t want you to get you to the wrong end result by my potentially wrong interpretation of the license text so I’ll be quiet about it from now on. You may want to contact piolabs or the Arduino maintainers or a copyright lawyer directly on this matter to be legally safe.

I understand, thank you very much !