Automatic downloading of dependencies of projects in /lib folder

I want to use my own private libraries as git submodules in a platformio project.
I clone the submodules in the /lib folder so they are automatically accessible from my project source files. That works great.

The problem is that my private libraries have dependencies specified in a library.json file that are now not automatically installed if not already present.

How can I solve this?

It would be perfect if the library depdency finder process would include the /lib folder in its search for dependencies and also when determining if that library is already present

If you write the .git link in the lib_deps expression of the platformio.ini file, does it install the dependencies? (docs)

Yes it does, thats’s how I used to work with including my own libraries, but that makes it very hard when I edit a source file of one of those include private libraries in .pio/libdeps/.... The change is not included in the git window, so I have to be aware of changes made there and “manually” go to the lib_deps folder of the project and git add, git commit and git push

That is why I’m investigating using submodules where git will allow me to update the submodules and also keeps track of which hash of the submodules repo i’m currently using

If the PlatformIO core logic doesn’t check for the installation of dependencies on compile time when you manually clone in the library that way you can open a feature request in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

That was my fallback plan :slight_smile: