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Arduino MGEA 250 Atmel-ICE

Hello, i want to debug an Atmel MEGA 2560 with an Atmel -ICE, but i get an error message. Do i have to install something ?
I can’t use avr-stub, 'cause my software uses Serial & Serial1…

“DebugInvalidOptionsError: Unknown debug tool atmel-ice. Please use one of avr-stub, simavr or custom:”
This is my platformio.ini
platform = atmelavr
board = megaatmega2560
framework = arduino
debug_tool = atmel-ice
lib_deps =

Valid debug_tool values are only that listed in the documentation plus custom. PlatformIO does currently not have built-in support for the Atmel-ICE debugging probe, it may however achieviably manually by avarice and the appropriate debug_server configuration directives amongst others, as indicated in Debugging AVR / Arduino with ATMELICE / JTAGICE3 and avarice / avr-gdb and CLion / Avarice debug not working.

Also see the open issues here and here.

I found it in the documentation…

…which is for the Atmel SAM platform, aka ARM targets, not the Atmel AVR platform, which your Mega 2560 belongs to. The support of a debug probe is per-platform.

ok, thanks for the info, so i will uninstall Platformio, 'cause it’s nor relally useable for me