Arduino / mbed Upload oddness

Using on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 VSCode v1.22-insider , Home 0.9.0, Core 3.5.3a4

  • Arduino, I have to terminate the serial monitor manually before I can upload, that is a
    new behavior (using an Arduino UNO).
  • mbed, every time I upload (using a Nucleo F401) there is for a short time a safety popup
    who asks if I allow that openOCD can connect to the network, it’s annoying.
  • Arduino, when I start the serial monitor, there is an automatic reset on the board,
    that is very cool, is this also possible for mbed and other platforms, maybe configurable?

Do you use PIO Toolbar for uploading and monitoring? It seems that we need to move device monitor to PIO Home to avoid all issues with VSCode.

Could you try switching upload protocol in platformio.ini to upload_protocol = mbed. It will use mbed disk instead of openOCD.

It depends on the board and bootloader.

  • Upload Arduino: I use the Toolbar. This a new behavior but I have had this problem also last year.
  • Upload mbed: as default I use stlink as upload protocol for ST boards, because upload_protocol = mbed on macOs make other problems (error messages because of incorrect unmounting the mbed device). This is also a new behavior I never had before.

The upload problem with mbed is solved by giving the firewall an exception for VS-Code.