Arduino config flags

Hi all

I’ve been searching through the docs and forums for a while now and struggled to find anything on how to pass configuration options through the platformio.ini file for arduino compilation.

I have an ESP8266 which until now I was developing on using the Arduino extension in VSC but have seen the light and come to the platformio side of things. This transition was very painless, however the only thing I’m unable to find is how to add or specify arduino config flags.

For example in the arduino config you’d set:
“sketch”: “src\Main.ino”,
“board”: “esp8266:esp8266:nodemcuv2”,
“configuration”: “xtal=80,vt=flash,exception=disabled,ssl=all,eesz=4M,ip=lm2f,dbg=Serial,lvl=None____,wipe=none,baud=115200”,
“output”: “build”,
“port”: “COM4”,
“programmer”: “AVRISP mkII”

I’m aware that there is no esp8266 debug support however I want to pass in dbg=Serial, as I’ve built debug messaging around this flat.

I tried using build_flags and upload_flags but neither yielded a positive result.

What am I missing here? Any help is appreciated.

If it’s the dbg flag used by the platform, maybe it’s this?

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Perfect, that was it, thank you so much!

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