Anyone Know how to Debug the K210 on Maixduino Board


The Maixduino board from Sipeed seems to have good documentation, and is well supported by platformio. It has 2 chips on the dev board, the ESP32 and the K210. Using the built in JTag debugger via USB seems to work well with the ESP32, but I’m writing some bare metal code for the Risk V K210, and I’d like to be able to debug it. Is this even possible ? Do I just look at the k210 spec and it will show me the JTag pins which I connect to the JLink ?

Anyone else done this before, I’m thinking it might be easier to use the USB-JTAG/TTL RISC-V Debugger and the Maix Bit board as there seems to be some web info on how to debug with those.
Thanks in advance.

The documentation lists all supported debug methods for this board. The “USB-JTAG/TTL RISC-V Debugger” you speak about is this and also supported, though literally any debug adapter that is 1.supported by OpenOCD 2. has JTAG connections can be made to work, too (if not already listed by in the documentation).

Sadly as I see it on here, the JTAG connections are not exposed on the header so you will have to have microsoldering skills to directly solder to the module.

@maxgerhardt Thanks for taking the time to reply to my posts. I really appreciate the help, been messing about with various boards, SDKs, toolchain for 3/4 days now. I saw the links you posted, but when I went to the VisualGDB site I didn’t find the k210 jtag pins ! I will try and see if its possible to attach.