Any timeline on support of esp-idf >v3.2.*?

There appears to be a bug in the esp-idf related to using the esp32 as an access point. They claim it has been fixed in v3.2 of the idf but I note that the current platformio support for esp32 is still using ESP-IDF framework to v3.1.3

Is there any timeline on when v3.2 will be available in platformio? My current project requires the esp32 act as an access point but right now you can’t even connect due to the exception.

Probably as soon as v3.2 is offically released. At the moment the most current ESP-IDF-release is v3.1 and the v3.2 in the ESP-IDF repo is “only” in beta status.
If you need the fix ASAP you could trace down the exact commit in the ESP-IDF repo that fixes it and copy the fixes to your local files…

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I will probably have to. Not being able to connect to a softAP without crashing the ESP32 is kind of a game-stopper.

eghad, it looks like the patches are to binary files:

I found this which appears to be a bundle of the modified files. I’ll try it later…

patched wifi files

No luck with those sigh

ESP-IDF v3.2 is released with xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc-8.2.0 which supports all of C++17.

when will platformio include this?

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We added support in Release 1.8.0 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub

Do you mean an issue with toolchain? Please file it at Issues · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub