Any interest to support NXP's QN9080/90?

Still researching for the right MCU for a new project, I stumbled across NXP’s QN9080 and 9090 processors that seem ideal for what I need. But, just coming of major headaches and still dealing from the pain of TI’s eclipse based IDE, I am not quite ready to stick my head in NXP’s MCUXpresso which is just a wrap of eclipse also.

PlatformIO support + Zephyr for these processors would be really great. Thoughts?

Is it at all feasible to take this on myself? I.e., expect loads and loads of time and dealing with intricate low level stuff or can a mere mortal (with a lot of experience on other processors) who is normally more focussed on the application side of things take this on?

Please open a feature request issue in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub so that it can get tracked.

Sure, given enough time and background knowledge. I myself developed 3 custom platforms: For Gigadevice GD32 (ARM) chips, Winner Micro W600 WiFi chips and Boufallo Labs BL60x chips. I also contributed to lots of other platforms. All one needs is a good reference project (an MCUXpresso project in your case with all verbose compiler invocations) and an understanding of how PlatformIO works (packages, builder scripts, platforms, board JSON files, …) to do it. See e.g. Arduino Due (or other SAM3/4) upload fails with ATMEL ICE JTAG on VSCode with PlatformIO - #8 by maxgerhardt.