Advice on new project


I’ve recently started a new project with a nodeMcu card (ESP8266). The idea was to build a device for Mozilla Iot framework. I have run into all kinds of problems that according to internet that don’t exist in ESP32. From the beginning my decision was that ESP32 was to expensive and I did not need the power.

No, i would like to make reevaluate that decision.

I would like to base my project on the ESP32-Solo-1 module from Expressif.

I need a development environment for that module that is:

  • development board.
  • compatible with PlatformIO
  • compatible with the Arduino framework ( all my code is done for that framework).
  • Supports debugging ( no more printf).
  • Schematic should be available ( later I am gonna build my own hardware )
  • “open for suggestions that makes life easier”

Please advice/recommend.