Advice on new project

I’ve recently started a new project with a nodeMcu card (ESP8266). The idea was to build a device for Mozilla Iot framework. I have run into all kinds of problems that according to internet that don’t exist in ESP32. From the beginning my decision was that ESP32 was to expensive and I did not need the power.

No, i would like to make reevaluate that decision.

I would like to base my project on the ESP32-Solo-1 module from Expressif.

I need a development environment for that module that is:

  • development board.
  • compatible with PlatformIO
  • compatible with the Arduino framework ( all my code is done for that framework).
  • Supports debugging ( no more printf).
  • Schematic should be available ( later I am gonna build my own hardware )
  • “open for suggestions that makes life easier”

Please advice/recommend.

How you see this IoT-Bus Mozilla IoT Tutorials — iot-bus latest documentation ?

This line is confusing, depends on your development board. Maybe it can be clarified.

   const int ledPin = 5;  // manually configure LED pin

I also thing this line is wrong:

   "@type": ["Light", "OnOffSwitch"],

One thing I having problem understanding with this example ( so actually it is not your problem )

    const char* ledTypes[] = {"OnOffSwitch", "led", nullptr};

“OnOffSwitch” is defined by Thing specification, but “led” ???
For definitions see WoT Capability Schemas - WebThings

In general, great tutorial :smile:

For more feedback on the Mozilla IoT framework, you can chat live with the Mozilla IoT team and the active development community using the public IRC channel ( channel #iot) or open a discussion on Discourse IoT or open an issue on Glad to see more developers get on board helping to decentralize, privatize, and standardize interaction of IoT device data using the web!