Advanced scripting and CI

I have notice that when use “patformio ci” - command to build sources,

  • you must place inside source dir not near ini file
  • explicitly address file within src/ folder for example extra_scripts = src/

I think this is a bug ,because when you use “platformio run” option you don’t need this complicated method

My project directory structure is like this:
Project_dir ----> platformio.ini,, licenses.txt
|/Source_dir —> Sources .cpp .ino .h .hpp … etc.
|/Libraries —> custom libs, and place for project dependent lib_defs

I have tried to put this file in every subfolder, shared,Libraries,lib etc. , with no success every time i got error “Missing SConscript: extra_script.pi”

Can you upload the exact project which uses CI and advanced scripting that triggers the bug?