About the issue with tm4c123gxl


I am currently migrating a project and need to move a project from CCS IDE to platformio. However, I encountered many issues during compilation, with the biggest problem being that the TI TIVA platform version provided by platformio is too old. The new version of driverLIB provides many new functions, which caused many problems during compilation. I tried to solve these problems but was unsuccessful.

I searched on Google to see if anyone has written a TIVA platform, but I couldn’t find any. I was wondering if there are any alternative projects that can replace the TIVA platform provided by platformio.

The TIVA platform provided by platformio only has the Arduino framework. Is there a driverlib framework available? I want to use only the driverlib framework, which would make compiling the project simpler and avoid conflicts with some functions that come with the Arduino framework due to renaming.

Best regards.